Turn your TV (Any TV) into a SMART TV

Hello Friends, I found something you would really love if you are one of those people that always want the best out of life but not willing to overspend—JUST LIKE ME.

You know these days, technology wants to fall our hand—-Talking about Smart TV, Ultraslim, UltraHD, etc while I am still rocking my 32 inches LED TV at home because I just bought it last year. In fact, I am sure some of you are still enjoying your LCD TV or even BOX TV–(Nah wah for you oh).

But how we go do nah? All these Manufacturing companies release new tv models almost “every week” and how do you keep up when your “papa no be dangote or adeleke.”

My dear, I have something I want to show you. This small box will turn that your “old tv”…yes that one you are currently watching Big Brother Naija on and the remote is now looking like a car that had a minor accident—that same TV go get “sense” now now with this small box. This box will give your TV high level of intelligence. This Box go make sure say your tv go school.

The real deal is that you do not need to spend 500,000 Naira to buy UltraHD or Ultraslim smart TVs anymore. Even your BOX TV can become a smart TV.

This TV Player attaches to your TV HDMI port and starts to work magic. You can watch movies from a Hard Drive directly plugged to the device or you can even load the movies into the 32GB storage space inside the device. As if that is not enough, the device is fully android so you can download android applications to stream tv series, movies and live football matches (this one sweet me well well), music videos on youtube (watch brodashaggy on tv) and other video sites. The device can play anything with the help of VLC player which you can download and install on it form the Google Play Store.

Your TV will be able to do anything your android phone can do. Stream movies online, browse the internet, connect to WIFI via Network port or wireless and play any type of media. Watch movies on NETFLIX via their android app. For those of you that do DSTV Extra view, you are just wasting money. This BOX is your savior.


My GUY, let me stop here. I don’t think I need to say more. LIFE IS EASY WHEN YOU ARE SMART. Imagine how easy it will become when your gadgets at home become smart too.

You can VISIT OUR STORE now to purchase your Smart TV Box on a promo price. We will even come and help you install if you are within Lagos ( i mean LAGOS OH). If you are outside Lagos (free shipping anywhere in Nigeria), there is a manual inside the pack and you can always contact us for assistance.


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