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Web Development

Every business has less than 5 seconds to keep a new visitor on their website. Professional Website Design and Development with interactive approach to content presentation ensures your visitors stay longer and also turn into customers. Our Designs are stunning, captivating, easy to navigate and mobile ready.

Digital Marketing

With over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Webcare has helped over 150 business realize their online campaign objectives using specific conversion goals and smart monitoring. We specialize in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Brand Awareness, Google Ads such as SEM and GDN.

Hardware and Software

Every individual or business needs computer resources that are reliable to produce necessary results seamlessly. We provide customized hardware and software development/installation for unique business needs. We can automate some process so you have more time to focus on other important areas of your business.

ICT Solutions

As an all round ICT service company, we are at the forefront of latest technology trends, automation and improving processes. We offer end to end ICT Services such as Networking and IP CCTV for organizations, businesses and individuals. We have successfully built robust networks for over 20 clients in Nigeria.


We have worked with companies home and abroad in developing their brand in terms of graphics, message and perception. We believe that branding is a major way to tell your story without saying anything. We can improve your already existing concept or help you develop a whole new idea. 

Sales and Installation

An ICT service outlet is not complete without providing easy access to the required tools for putting the various technology to work. Our affiliation with major dealers gives us the flexibility to provide required Digital gadgets such as Laptops, Desktop, Mobile Devices, etc. Our after sales service is effective, efficient and quick. 

We are specialist in the following areas

Digital Marketing and Website Design


Hardware and Software Solutions


Networking and Internet Connectivity


Application Development


Sales and Support


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