Nigerian Company builds Anti-kidnap and Anti-theft gadget

A Nigerian Startup, After-time Innovations founded by Onos Afo Temienor OAT, has taken quite an innovative step towards addressing the security situation in the Nation. by building Anti-Kidnap Luggage Boxes that comes with a touchscreen controller, inbuilt woofer music player, Location Tracker and remote CCTV surveillance all built into the Luggage Box. Making a gadget with features that seemed to have popped right out of a Bond movie.

The location of an eyeBOX can be tracked to wherever it is in Nigeria, even in the remotest locations, and it can also function without internet access. The eyeBOX also comes with a CCTV camera that streams live coverage of events through-out your journey to a host device linked to the eyeBOX. The Host device can be a phone or a tablet where the iBOX tracking app is already installed, usually the smartphone of a family member, next of kin or spouse.

Mr. OAT also said he and his team have almost completed a Smart-Belt and other mini gadgets, that would link the eyeBOX to its owner to keep on tracking even if the owner is separated from the eyeBOX, say in a case of banditry or kidnap

The designer of the eyeBOX Who is also the founder of the startup : Aftertime Innovations says he created the gadget to address multiple issues National and Global, 1.Security and Banditry issues, 2. Un-employment, and 3. Pollution”:thats why we chose recycling our plastic” he says.  Aftertime Innovations  is launching a factory soon that will employ anything from 50 to 100 workers and produce 100s of eyeBOXes monthly. He said with the right funding he intends to launch a giga-factory that could employ tens of 1000s of workers, and manufacture eyeBOXes for global export.

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