Firefox Quantum Review: Is it time to make the switch?

Perhaps the better question is: Is it time to switch back to Firefox?

One of our staff members takes the plunge and uses Firefox Quantum for a month to see what all the fuss is about.

If you’ve never used Firefox before, or you jumped ship to another browser in the last few years, then Firefox Quantum is well worth downloading and installing. It’s fast, privacy oriented, endlessly customisable, easy to use, easy on the battery, and in many respects is better than its main competitor, Chrome.  It’s also packed with well thought out and helpful features.

Firefox Quantum: Better than Chome? We think so

Chrome may have just lost its sparkle

Google’s Chrome may be the world’s most popular web browser, but it might be time to admit that just because Chrome is the biggest browser out there, doesn’t mean it’s the best, anymore.

It may be hard to believe now, but anyone who can remember the web back in 2010 will remember that Mozilla’s Firefox was a pretty big player. Back then, it alone held sway over a third of the market, which considering the giants it was competing against, such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and of course Google, wasn’t bad going.

Chrome is not the only option out there, google it and see!

These days, Chrome can seem almost unavoidable, especially if you use an Android device. But that doesn’t mean you have to use it. There are a host of alternative browsers from Opera, Safari, Maxthon, and of course Mozilla’s Firefox.

There are many reasons why you should consider making the switch to Firefox.

For a start the Mozilla Foundation, the company behind the browser is, in their own words, “a non-profit organization that promotes openness, innovation and participation on the Internet.” That statement, if nothing else, should make anyone who uses Firefox feel better about themselves.

It’s also worth pointing out that considering the recent scandals and increasing awareness around the use of people’s data and privacy, such as the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica debacle of earlier this year, that Mozilla have been shouting about user control of their data since back in 2014.

Privacy? Mozilla have been having that conversation for years before it hit the headlines

Privacy built in

In 2014, Mozilla announced that it was majorly concerned about the way people were so easily giving up personal data to the ‘Web’ announcing that “fighting for data privacy — making sure people know who has access to their data, where it goes or could go, and that they have a choice in all of it — is part of Mozilla’s DNA.”

Practically four years later in 2018, Mozilla’s warnings of yesteryear are perhaps more prescient than ever before. Firefox has had a whole load of rules and limits in place for a long time, restricting what itself and others can infer from user data, and they take great pains to balance privacy against commercial interest. Plus they are not the personal data gathering monopolistic entity that is Google.

Don’t be evil?

You may know that one of Google’s big mantras used to be ‘Don’t be evil,’ but as we reported last month, that little line has recently quietly disappeared from their Code of Conduct. I’m just saying.

All that’s great, but I thought this article was all about why I should be thinking about switching to Firefox? It is. I’ve just taken my time getting there, but thanks for reading this far all the same. We appreciate it. So, why Firefox?

Speed. Firefox is fast and easy on the battery

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