You Can Now SHOP Right Inside Instagram

Register your card, set up a PIN and start buying things without ever leaving Instagram. In a world swirling with controversy over fake news, bot accounts, and roughshod privacy tactics, it’s nice to know there’s one social media outlet that is still just duck-billed selfies and photoshopped celebrities. Instagram, despite its ownership, has as-of-yet seemingly stayed […]

If you are Using Kaspersky Antivirus, then this should be of concern—Trump Officially Bans Kaspersky For US Federal Use

After months of speculation, Donald Trump signs new legislation that officially bans the use of Kaspersky Lab products within any part of the US government. By signing the new defence spending bill into law, the President has purged the Moscow-based antivirus firm from any and all federal agencies amid growing concerns it was vulnerable to Kremlin influence, despite the company’s continual denials. “Considering the grave risk that Kaspersky Lab poses to […]